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Don’t Blink Just Think Technology weekly podcast episode 2

This week’s podcast is mainly about just technology reviews on new technology. The stuff I reviewed will be the Tilt, the SCH-i760, the LG Glimmer, the Asus Eee PC 4G (white, windows XP), and the Nokia N810 internet tablet. Ok my e-mail is qu42blue@gmail.com. Please leave a comment on what you think or just send me a message. Just check it out next week I’ll probably have sound effects on the podcast! The link to hear the podcast is right here check it out. You can also view the last podcast there and if you subscribed to it on itunes it will update automatically.


Tech News

  • Windows XP Sp3 due next month will be on retail shelves until June of 08, XP will be no more January 31, 2009 so hurry and pick up your copy.
  • The Factron Quattro Ipod nano Case is out in japan (yes I got to get one of these)!
  • PS3 Firmware 2.2 now available!
  • Don’t Blink Just Think Technology is Back in action thanks for visiting-qu42bluewindowsxp_002.jpg top071129_03.jpg