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Skype’s Mobile Phone


I’ve heard of a lot of Skype phones I mean they have landlines and mobile cell phone downloads to use it on your cell phone. Now they have there own Skype cell phone the coolest thing about Skype’s mobile phone is it’s prepaid service, but when you run out of minutes to talk to real landlines and cell phones. You can still talk, Instant Message, Pictures and video message all through Skype for free until you have to top-up again. This has to be the coolest prepaid phone ever. My suggestion make all your friends go get one of these Skype prepaid phones and you’ll only be paying $10 bucks a month yet you get to talk all you want to your friends and family. The bad news it’s not here in the U.S.A. yet. At lease the Skype mobile phone isn’t but the PSP 2000 is here. Which let’s you do the same thing except it’s not prepay and you can only use it in a Wi-Fi network I know that sucks. At least we can wait until we get the Skype mobile phone here is the link Skype mobile phone all features! So if you live in those countries it is in please send me a e-mail and tell me how the Skype Phone is my email is qu42blue@gmail.com or just send me a IM through Yahoo IM my username is qu42blue.


I forgot the Skype Mobile Phone is 3G! That makes it even more better!


RIM’s New Touchscreen Patent for BlackBerry!


Earlier I told you about RIM’s older patent for the new touch blackberry! There’s another one so enjoy! Good Blackberry news- T-mobile finally got the Blackberry 8820 which is the blackberry with GPS and Wi-Fi but no camera. So far AT&T has the best blackberry line up! Now is the time to switch phones because now all the carriers have unlimited minutes plus other things like text messaging, web and email. So far sprint has the best plan for unlimited minutes and other things. Hurry though because it is for a limited time only. I’ve included a chart that I got from Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. -qu42blue


Archos 605 WI-FI


If you want a touch screen, Mp3 player, Internet, Videos, pictures, and more all in one device. The Archos 605 is the device for you. The worst thing about the Archos is that you’ll have to buy every accessory out on the market just like Apple. Otherwise this is a solid video player with a touch screen (it is mac compatible).

Microsoft Zune (Second Generation)


Well because I reviewed the first generation Zune so it only made sense if I reviewed the second generation. With 80GB of on storage memory a FM radio and a 3.2 inch screen, the second generation Zune makes the prefect mp3 player. For anybody on the go or just constantly moving, I say this because it has built in WI-FI for Zune to Zune sharing of music. With beautiful syncing with Microsoft and easy to use controls if you don’t own an Ipod be sure to pick up a Zune.