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Dell Mini 9

The Dell Mini 9 is Dell’s first laptop to be featured as a netbook.The worst two things about this netbook are its slow CPU prosser (Intel Atom), and its small keyboard and touchpad. The Mini 9 has two options for your OS. The basic Mini comes with Linux pre-intstalled. Along with the opition to exchange Linux, for Windows XP Home Edition for a small fee. The Mini 9 features three USB ports, headphone and microphone jack, one VGA out port, a Ethernet port, and a SD card slot. For $20 dollars you can add bluetooth to the netbook. This is good if you like to use your phone as a wireless modem. The processor speeds are what you expect from a netbook. So as long as you keep your task moderate then you sholud be fine. This means not opening that many windows at once. Overall the Mini 9 is great for surfing the web, checking emails, and for entertainment purposes. The Mini 9’s speakers are very loud, so you can make use of that by watching videos or listening to music. Last but not least the screen on the Mini 9 is a 8.9 inch LCD display. So the screen in my opinion is not to big for a netbook and not to small for a netbook either. When in use the netbook feels small and is not a great typing compainon. The battery is great I thought, I got to pull off three hours without even charging it. So I would reccomend this netbook to someone who just needs to check there email, look at a webpage here and now, and maybe even sync there ipod.


Ok I’m Coming!!!!!!!!!

Officially DBJTT will be back up and ready for the next go around on November 22!!!!!!!!!!!!! So look forward for the upcomming post!!!!!!!!! In the mean while check out Conectionz he is a really good artist and his music is diffrent from other rap artist so check him out!!!!!!!

Apple applies for trademark protection on gaming devices


Apple is making a request for copyright protection on video game concepts. It’s for mainly hand held devices but who knows this could turn out to be something. I’ll keep you posted because there’s not much information on this topic yet. Check out this link for the request form. http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=77388864

Sony Ericsson & Microsoft


Sony made a deal with Microsoft that means the new Sony Ericsson mobile devices will run windows mobile. It has not been said on which Ericssons will run windows mobile but I’m pretty sure it’s Sony’s new line they just announced. Well I’ll keep you updated on the deal and also be reviewing Sony’s new line of technology. I guess that means you should start saving!

Dell Controversy

Welcome! I was gone for a few weeks but I made sure to keep you updated on the best Technology out there. So I bet you were wondering what is going on in technology right now. Well Dell decided to go with AMD as there processor makers for there new computer line. Which you should be seeing out on store shelves pretty soon. This is Major news for computer geeks all over the world. I’ll keep you updated on Dell’s controversy. In the meantime I have to ask you to please spread the word about my site the URL is http://www.dontblinkjustthinktech.wordpress.com Please spread the word. E-mail the link to friends or just tell people about the site. Thanks-qu42blue