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So far I have the podcast hosting all done the This the link check it out I plan to have my first podcast out next week. I’m also planing to have the podcast on itunes and other cool podcasting sites so be sure to to subscribe and check it out! Coming Soon Don’t Blink Just Think Technology’s FIRST audio podcast!


Ipod Classic


The Ipod classic is a great device for anybody who is looking for a lot of, Space and superior quality. Now the Ipod Classic has the new cover flow interface and lots of storage. If you need a new Ipod this is a great one to get if you need to have at least 160GB of space for music and videos. This Ipod only works with XP, Vista, and Mac’s so it’s a problem if you have an older system (ex. 2000). This is a great Ipod don’t get me wrong but it’s just too much space.

Apple Iphone

The Apple Iphone

This a phone some call revolutionary because of it’s use of todays technology, one of the first US phones to have an all Touch interface. This Phone is great for any apple lover or a person who wants every thing from a camera to web surfing all in one. There is some slow networking and no 3G but what do you expect from a phone that does it all.

Ipod nano


On september 5 2007 apple released a hole new line of ipods. The ipod nano now has some updated features. the best feature of all is the new ipod nano can play videos. Some other features are the 320-by-240-resolution display, the new cover flow display, and the 65 percent brighter screen. The ipod nano has an all metal interface (that means no plastic). Specifications the ipod nano can play music for 24 hours and videos for 5 hours.