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I’m Back

I’ve really have just disappred from this site but now I’m back! I will continue with all the old plans, and keepĀ  you up to date on all the latest technology!!!


Where Have I Been?

Well I have been Sick these past couple of days. I’m back now though if you had any questions I was logged on to my Yahoo IM so if you need me just send me a message. My Yahoo IM is qu42blue@yahoo.com (I think when you add somebody you need there whole address otherwise it’s qu42blue). There has been lot’s of technology stuff out now actually there’s enough to make a baby’s head spin. Yeah I know that’s a lot also you guys were stuck with a lot of old reviews. So I coming back with some new cell phone reviews, laptop’s, Tv’s, and more Technology news so get ready! For more Don’t Blink Just Think Technology! Also one more thing you can vote for Don’t Blink Just Think Technology’sNew Categories for this month. On this online Survey it’s real easy and only takes about 15 seconds so please vote.