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Ok I’m Coming!!!!!!!!!

Officially DBJTT will be back up and ready for the next go around on November 22!!!!!!!!!!!!! So look forward for the upcomming post!!!!!!!!! In the mean while check out Conectionz he is a really good artist and his music is diffrent from other rap artist so check him out!!!!!!!


This Week in Review (2-11-08 through 2-15-08)




This week was really a dry week for technology because really all that happened was. Apple TV 2 came out, updates on Google’s phone the Android, and other little baby stuff. The worst thing that really happened was that we are expecting a Plam Centro from AT&T which has a green keys on the QWERTY keyboard (yuck). Think about this one Who will really be walking around with a cell phone made by Plam ( You know it’s is going to not turn on, or maybe it might crash when syncing and you only had it for a week). The Best thing that happened this week was that RIM showed off it’s plans for it’s new touch screen BlackBerry. I mean finally we have a new BlackBerry (not one of those cheap knock offs with¬† a new name and with a new shape, but it’s still the same BlackBerry). We finally have a new BlackBerry with touch screen and other cool features (not much known about the Touch Screen BlackBerry). Who really knows though maybe Apple TV 2 might be all that? Or maybe the Plam Centro really pulled it off because, Oprah gave them away on her show with three free months of service. The thing is remember when dealing with technology “Don’t Blink Just Think Tech”!

Google’s Android “New Concept”

android_new.jpg V.S. iphone_home.gif

Google Android Apple iphone


This is what the new Android phone looks like enjoy! It has some updates like buttons moved around but otherwise they changed color to red or a light scarlet. They also made it all touch screen. Let’s hope Google updated the Software on the Android! This looks pretty nice I wonder if it is in Black or Silver? I just would want another color rather than red. If Google really pulls this off the iphone will really have to fight, just because this is Google. Google owns just about everything on the web from Youtube to little Petty websites. So Apple will have it’s toughest Challenger yet. The iphone though Does not have 3G the android will which will make people really think twice about the iphone. I’m just going to hope Apple has a sweet comeback plan because this will set them back at least a few steps. The best thing Apple has in this fight is they have there own OS and Web-Browser. Which will be helpful If they want to make there own Search engine like Google. Should we Let the Games begin? Or should I ask who’s Side are you on this will be a great Battle! Google V.S. Apple

Google’s Android


Well Google let there prototype software for the Android loose at the Mobile World Congress (in Barcelona, Spain) on Monday. Which made a big hit at the MWC with it’s software. The phone used a simple phone unit and showed off it’s software on the unit with features just like the BlackBerry and other Smart phones like the Blackjack. The Android showed off nothing that a normal (cell phone ex. Sidekick) couldn’t do. We might be seeing the Android with T-mobile. Remember this is just a prototype!