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Don’t Blink Just Think Technology weekly podcast episode 2

This week’s podcast is mainly about just technology reviews on new technology. The stuff I reviewed will be the Tilt, the SCH-i760, the LG Glimmer, the Asus Eee PC 4G (white, windows XP), and the Nokia N810 internet tablet. Ok my e-mail is qu42blue@gmail.com. Please leave a comment on what you think or just send me a message. Just check it out next week I’ll probably have sound effects on the podcast! The link to hear the podcast is right here check it out. You can also view the last podcast there and if you subscribed to it on itunes it will update automatically.


Don’t Blink Just Think Technology weekly podcast episode 1 now on itunes!

untitled-1-copy.jpghttp://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=277435376 this is the link you can click on to get my podcast through itunes and listen to it on your ipod or computer it will be updated weekly! So thanks to all your support i’m on itunes!

The Podcast is up on itunes and this site!


Click here to listen to the podcast! The podcast is finally up and ready for listeners this is my first podcast and enjoy on there site you can barely hear the podcast. I will be posting the link to itunes soon enjoy!


To get the podcast through itunes. Just scroll down on the podcast link, and click on the subscribe with itunes button. Thanks



So far I have the podcast hosting all done the This the link check it out I plan to have my first podcast out next week. I’m also planing to have the podcast on itunes and other cool podcasting sites so be sure to to subscribe and check it out! Coming Soon Don’t Blink Just Think Technology’s FIRST audio podcast!

Working on Podcast for Site!


Hey everybody I’m currently working on getting a audio podcast for Don’t Blink Just Think Technology! The only problem is that I need to find a place where I can upload and you guys can download or listen to it for free. I like itunes but it has to be on my site in which I’m working on right now so don’t leave and forget about me. Don’t Blink Just Think Technology is coming up soon! Please if you know of any good site please comment and tell me or send me an email or Im. My email is qu42blue@gmail.com, My IM (yahoo) is qu42blue.

LG Rumor


I thought the Sidekick was nice this has to be the best phone for Text messaging by Sprint. I say this because you get Sprints Simply Everything plan and this Phone you will be good for a long time to come. The Rumor has a full QWERTY keyboard and is based off the Sidekick’s design only way better. Overall I don’t believe this is the phone to get for starting a new contract with Sprint if you want a full QWERTY keyboard just go buy and ace with Sprint and I bet you would be happy with your phone. Good for kids or somebody who just texts all day and doesn’t talk.

Where Have I Been?

Well I have been Sick these past couple of days. I’m back now though if you had any questions I was logged on to my Yahoo IM so if you need me just send me a message. My Yahoo IM is qu42blue@yahoo.com (I think when you add somebody you need there whole address otherwise it’s qu42blue). There has been lot’s of technology stuff out now actually there’s enough to make a baby’s head spin. Yeah I know that’s a lot also you guys were stuck with a lot of old reviews. So I coming back with some new cell phone reviews, laptop’s, Tv’s, and more Technology news so get ready! For more Don’t Blink Just Think Technology! Also one more thing you can vote for Don’t Blink Just Think Technology’sNew Categories for this month. On this online Survey it’s real easy and only takes about 15 seconds so please vote.