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Skype’s Mobile Phone


I’ve heard of a lot of Skype phones I mean they have landlines and mobile cell phone downloads to use it on your cell phone. Now they have there own Skype cell phone the coolest thing about Skype’s mobile phone is it’s prepaid service, but when you run out of minutes to talk to real landlines and cell phones. You can still talk, Instant Message, Pictures and video message all through Skype for free until you have to top-up again. This has to be the coolest prepaid phone ever. My suggestion make all your friends go get one of these Skype prepaid phones and you’ll only be paying $10 bucks a month yet you get to talk all you want to your friends and family. The bad news it’s not here in the U.S.A. yet. At lease the Skype mobile phone isn’t but the PSP 2000 is here. Which let’s you do the same thing except it’s not prepay and you can only use it in a Wi-Fi network I know that sucks. At least we can wait until we get the Skype mobile phone here is the link Skype mobile phone all features! So if you live in those countries it is in please send me a e-mail and tell me how the Skype Phone is my email is qu42blue@gmail.com or just send me a IM through Yahoo IM my username is qu42blue.


I forgot the Skype Mobile Phone is 3G! That makes it even more better!




This is really a unique  phone  due to it’s so new on the market. I do know the Vu will come out in two versions, the CU915 (lacks a TV antenna) and the CU920 (has mobile antenna). They both have HSDPA (3G), 2 MP camera, 120 MB of on board memory, USB storage mode, and up to 4 GB micro SD card support. The LG Vu is currently only with AT&T and will be one of there only mobile TV supported phones. Oh I forgot the LG Vu is touch-screen phone and will be AT&T’s second fully touch-screen phone. There is no good pictures on the LG Vu so sorry I’ll keep looking.-qu42blue


Thanks to Phone Arena I Got a Picture for you guys!

LG Rumor


I thought the Sidekick was nice this has to be the best phone for Text messaging by Sprint. I say this because you get Sprints Simply Everything plan and this Phone you will be good for a long time to come. The Rumor has a full QWERTY keyboard and is based off the Sidekick’s design only way better. Overall I don’t believe this is the phone to get for starting a new contract with Sprint if you want a full QWERTY keyboard just go buy and ace with Sprint and I bet you would be happy with your phone. Good for kids or somebody who just texts all day and doesn’t talk.

Google’s Android “New Concept”

android_new.jpg V.S. iphone_home.gif

Google Android Apple iphone


This is what the new Android phone looks like enjoy! It has some updates like buttons moved around but otherwise they changed color to red or a light scarlet. They also made it all touch screen. Let’s hope Google updated the Software on the Android! This looks pretty nice I wonder if it is in Black or Silver? I just would want another color rather than red. If Google really pulls this off the iphone will really have to fight, just because this is Google. Google owns just about everything on the web from Youtube to little Petty websites. So Apple will have it’s toughest Challenger yet. The iphone though Does not have 3G the android will which will make people really think twice about the iphone. I’m just going to hope Apple has a sweet comeback plan because this will set them back at least a few steps. The best thing Apple has in this fight is they have there own OS and Web-Browser. Which will be helpful If they want to make there own Search engine like Google. Should we Let the Games begin? Or should I ask who’s Side are you on this will be a great Battle! Google V.S. Apple