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Ok I’m Coming!!!!!!!!!

Officially DBJTT will be back up and ready for the next go around on November 22!!!!!!!!!!!!! So look forward for the upcomming post!!!!!!!!! In the mean while check out Conectionz he is a really good artist and his music is diffrent from other rap artist so check him out!!!!!!!




This is really a unique  phone  due to it’s so new on the market. I do know the Vu will come out in two versions, the CU915 (lacks a TV antenna) and the CU920 (has mobile antenna). They both have HSDPA (3G), 2 MP camera, 120 MB of on board memory, USB storage mode, and up to 4 GB micro SD card support. The LG Vu is currently only with AT&T and will be one of there only mobile TV supported phones. Oh I forgot the LG Vu is touch-screen phone and will be AT&T’s second fully touch-screen phone. There is no good pictures on the LG Vu so sorry I’ll keep looking.-qu42blue


Thanks to Phone Arena I Got a Picture for you guys!

RIM’s New Touchscreen Patent for BlackBerry!


Earlier I told you about RIM’s older patent for the new touch blackberry! There’s another one so enjoy! Good Blackberry news- T-mobile finally got the Blackberry 8820 which is the blackberry with GPS and Wi-Fi but no camera. So far AT&T has the best blackberry line up! Now is the time to switch phones because now all the carriers have unlimited minutes plus other things like text messaging, web and email. So far sprint has the best plan for unlimited minutes and other things. Hurry though because it is for a limited time only. I’ve included a chart that I got from Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. -qu42blue