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Good April Fools Pranks For The Computer!


Happy April Fools! here’s a link for some of the best April Fools pranks for the computer and technology lovers. Some are easy some are hard so you choose which is best for you  here is the link http://lifehacker.com/373817/top-10-harmless-geek-pranks. Have fun and please don’t go over board!


Make A All In One Charging Station for under $20!


Here is the instructions to make a all in one charging station for under $20 bucks. This will be a fun project for a electronic fool with all kids of electronics that need to be charged. Well have fun when i make one i will post it up.  http://www.instructables.com/id/20-Charging-Station/ (copy and paste the URL into your broswer).

Make a Coca-Cola Computer

Coca-Cola Computer

Make a Coca-cola computer with these instructions it’s fairly hard but you could do it if you have the time. Have fun! http://www.instructables.com/id/Coca-Cola-Computer Just Copy and Paste the link in to your browser.